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Virasoothe for the Herpes Virus

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If you suffer from Genital Herpes, this is the product you need to bring you immediate soothing relief and fast healing.

The World Health Organisation suggests that two-thirds of the worlds population have the herpes virus.  You can read the article
here.  If you have Genital Herpes, you are not alone, and thankfully now, there is much less stigma attached to it.  There are an ever-increasing number of YouTubers and Bloggers talking openly and freely about it. That’s how it should be. 

ViraSoothe is a natural remedy containing essential oils and herbs known to treat genital Herpes.  It is a natural healing treatment to soothe the symptoms associated with the virus. ViraSoothe provides relief from the pain and irritation associated with both HSV-1 and HSV-2 (Genital Herpes) viruses, allowing suffers to get rid of symptoms quickly.

This product  works quickly to stop the itch, burn, throb and pain of an outbreak. Customers tell us it is the fastest way they have found to heal an outbreak:  Best case scenario is that the outbreak will not happen (please understand that this is not true for everyone, and we make no claims about this, but it is nevertheless true for a surprising number of people)

How does Virasoothe work?

Doctors, Pharmacists and Researchers believe that ViraSoothe works on several fronts simultaneously to inactivate an outbreak. 

The Herpes Virus resides in the Ganglia nerve, at the base of the spine. When experiencing an outbreak, the individual viral cells form a 'cluster' on the nerve endings at the site of the outbreak - most commonly the Lips or Genitals. The ingredients in ViraSoothe work to stimulate the nerve ending, where the Virus resides - effectively opening the cells to allow the virus to free-flow back through the system.  At the same time, other Ingredients continue to 'draw' viral cells from the site of the outbreak. Other ingredients seal the nerve ending, in order to stop further viral attachment, while the remainder of the ingredients effectively soothe, eliminate the itch and quickly heal.

Unlike some other products which only contain 2 – 5 % of active ingredients, Virasoothe contains 28 % active ingredients. It is really powerful which is one of the reasons it is such an effective remedy. 

There are thousands of people from all over the world who use (and love!) Virasoothe. My Customers are so happy they not only tell their friends about it, they order for them as gifts – and when that happens you know the product is good. I think you will be just as impressed.


There are no cold sore treatments available that will actually ‘cure’ the herpes virus, and we make no claim to this effect.   The virus is always dormant in your system even when you don't have outbreaks. However, if you’re not actually having outbreaks,  that's the next best thing.

That’s exactly what our cold sore and genital herpes treatments do, stop the outbreaks, so you can have a life again. 


Significant reduction of  healing time
Relieves itch, throb and tingle
Natural ingredients
No animal testing

Recommended by Doctors

Discretely packaged as Skin Cream to protect your privacy.

Ingredients: Virasoothe contains ingredients that have been scientifically proven to combat the herpes virus. Some of this research is relatively new, however Virasoothe was formulated back in 1995 - a well-proven  product ahead of its time,


Reviews (4)

debbie 14th Feb 2020

Used for one cold sore.

I used the product several times on one cold sore and I can't say that it went away any faster. I'm hoping it works better next time.

LIsa Marie Lomas 5th Jan 2020


My only complaint is it does not say everything it helps with. I am liking the product, It is lasting for a long time and it is helping with viral infections. so it does what it says. I like taking lysine with this.

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Additional Info

15.00 Grams

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