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Virasoothe Concentrate Triple Pack

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Virasoothe Concentrate is the original formula Virasoothe on steroids. It contains the same ingredients as Virasoothe Cream in a highly concentrated formula.

Formulated with several herbs and essential oil already proven to be effective in combating cold sores.  Virasoothe Concentrate is a powerful, synergistic blend that is strong enough to stop cold sores before they even appear.

The pain will lessen the moment you apply Virasoothe Concentrate  Feel the relief as the all-too familair and unwelcome tingling, itching and burning will eases as Virasoothe Concentrate  deeply penetrates to interrupt the viral cycle.

Virasoothe Concentrate  feels incredibly soothing, it is almost invisible when applied, and is very quickly absorbed. 


Conveniently packaged in a roll on container, carry Virasoothe Concentrate in your pocket, or your purse, so at all times so you can be confident that the next time you have cold sore symptoms you can minimize, or completely avert the outbreak.

I am so confident this natural product will help you solve your problems with cold sores and the herpes virus. I guarantee it (see below)

 10 ml (1/3 oz) Made In New Zealand

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Natural No chemicals, no preservatives, and never, ever tested on animals!  Virasoothe Concentrate is safe for all your family

Convenient - Have it with you at all times so you can stop a cold sore as soon as it starts

Discreet Virasoothe Concentrate  is a clear liquid - no one will know you have just applied your secret weapon against cold sores

Powerful - The proprietry blend of herbs and oils used in Virasoothe Concentrate  works like nothing else to combat the herpes virus

Economic - Use only the thinnest film of  Virasoothe Concentrate, and because it can be applied with precision, right where you need it, there is no waste.

No Animal Testing!  No, not ever.


Ingredients:  Olive Oil, Myrrh, Calendula, Peppermint,  Arncia, Eucalyptus & St Johns Wort


Reviews (8)

Lynette 30th Jul 2019

Virasoothe Concetrate

This has to be the best product around, I have tried many other cold sore creams over the years with little success. At long last have instant results,as soon as I feel any tingling one or two applications have me sorted. Triple pack is great value too. Cream product is also great.

Joe 16th Mar 2018

It works!

The concentrate is better than the original. I put it on if I eat something acidic, my lips are dry and have a small split. They never get a chance to come up. In the old days before the concentrate, I also used to go for a run to stop them. For some reason if you do enough vigourous exercise it helps.

Additional Info

Additional Info

66.00 Grams

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