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Testimonials about my natural cure for cold sores, rosacea, genital herpes, & skin problems, including Rosacea

 There is no better Testimonial to a product than the one below.  Unsolicited. No payment asked for....... Beth is another big fan.  Check out her YouTube channel


Beth bought our products back in 2009! She was so happy with the results, she did a review of our product on her youtube channel Fifty Plus Beauty  Watch Beth below



"I have been using this wonderful product for several years for my Rosacea and Eczema and now buying some for my 94 year old Nana for her Rosacea  - thank you for making such a wonderful product!!!!" Serena Bolton, NZ

"I received your Skinfix for rosacea product the other day... My wife and have found it to really work... Imagine that, something that actually works these days? At any rate, I use it after a facial shave and it soothes and cools my skin and has really evened out my skin and made my Rosacea a heck of a lot easier to live in... My wife enjoys it after a shower and before bed... Thanks for selling this product... You need to offer this in a larger size! " James Waddell, AZ

 "I am already using SkinFix for more than a year and it work great on my Rosacea."  Rimma Zaleznik USA

 "This is my second order, and I found it originally through the Acne Support Group magazine. It is not a cure, but wonderfully cooling on the skin, reducing the heat and flushed colouring specific to Rosacea suffers. Well worth a try." Margaret Cleghorn UK

 "My first order has lasted for over one year. I Just moisten the end of my finger with Skinfix, and touch it to my face twice a day to control Rosacea. I love it. Thanks, Lynda!! " J Illott Canada


" I just thought that I would take time out to thank you all for the above product!
I was diagnosed with rosacea last year, and although I have had only a few attacks they are severe!! (ouch!).I ordered your Skin Fix on the Thursday by Airmail & received it on the following Tuesday!! ( & I live in the UK). What can I say?????????????? It is a balm for my poor skin (which I hasten to add is fine at the moment, thanks to your product!!). The only downside (If there is one) is that it is so skin-friendly & has sooooooo many uses, my partner is using it!!Please feel free to put this e-mail on your site and thank you again for a prompt service, delivering a First Class Product!!Well done to all concerned!"  Judy Banks, UK

"I get cystic type acne from time to time and when the cyst finally breaks the skin I have allot of trouble getting the skin to heal. Its usually a 2-3 week process.  I saw immediate results in 24 hours with this was great! ve found that if you put it on draws the infection out quite rapidly.  Thanks again for a great product."  S Howe UK

T"his is my second order for SkinFix - I have to admit I was sceptical when I first ordered it. I have suffered from Rosaceae for years and had tried different antibiotics, etc. all with very short-term effects, and it seemed to get even worse after some of them.  I am pleased to say that my skin does seem to have cleared since using SkinFix - I still suffer break-outs, but these are nowhere near as frequent and as severe as before using your product.  So, I am pleased to order some more ... thank you." Angela Chapple UK

"I ordered some SkinFix for my teen daughter and her bouts with acne. She isreally pleased with the results. Thanks and keep up the good work! " H. Holland  GA

"I use skinfix everyday, it keeps my face moisturized and clean looking." Rebecca Gomez CA

"I had a terrible case of acne rosacea and skin Fix cured it.  What a miracle!!" Renae Kelm, MN

"This is my 4th time ordering your products; I am still convinced that yours is the most helpful, useful, and amazing skin care discovery EVER!! Many sincere thanks," Carol J. Sautter Fath

"SkinFix has helped my rosacea, I have never been as haapy for a long time." Jatinder Kaur Ubhi,

 "Skin Fix cream  is excellent.  Leave a tingly feeling and very soothing on the skin.  Also, reduces redness.."
Jenny Bruce, Scotland

"Thank you so much for this unique product.  I had Rosacea for over a year and this was the only product that REALLY cleared it up.  Even though it took a couple of months, my skin was better than ever and my friends all commented on how my skin had cleared up!  It is also fantastic for acne or the odd pimple that turns up and now my sister uses it too.  It\'s because it\s all natural that you feel safe to use it and trust it!  Thank you once again.  Healing has arrived at last!!! Carmen Cleary Australia

"I have not looked back since receiving my pot of skinfix cream, 3 weeks ago. (It took only 4 days to arrive!) My nose was covered in a burning, blistering and very itchy patch of Rosacea which was most uncomfortable and made me feel very embarrassed.  My nose is not small to start with so this was the last straw. Skinfix immediately brought the itching under control and improvement has been steady and sure.  The damaged skin has peeled off and my nose is now smooth and blemish free.  I am amazed and extremely grateful for your wonderful product, and it is so economical to use. Thank you, thank you, thank you." Val Wiltshire England

It has worked wonders already, the redness and inflammation has gone down, it has not fully disappeared as I think it will take a while for it to heal, but you can see it is well on the well to healing great. Considering they looked they hives and very angry and inflamed they are now just little spots on my chest, and no where near as many. I have tried so many creams, pills, potions etc, over the past 6-8 months and spent hundred's and this product is the only one that appears to be healing my chest. So thank you, I am so grateful to of found your product Carina Crock, NZ

My first order has lasted for over one year. I Just moisten the end of my finger with Skinfix, and touch it to my face twice a day to control Rosacea. I love it. Thanks, Lynda!! Mary Ilott, Canada

This is my second time ordering SkinFix, and I just have to say how wonderful it is!  I am so happy with the product, and how it has treated my acne!  My scars have decreased. My skin is no longer red all the time, and I can actually leave the house without wearing make-up!  Thank you!  Keep up the awesome products! Carolyn Dinaro, MN

I'm tremendously pleased with Skin Fix - I use it every day for a mild case of rosacea. What a blessing it is not to have to use harsh chemicals and synthetics! " Phil Stevens MA

"Thank you for such a great product!  I started using it on Monday of this week and by this morning (Thursday) the skin problem I was dealing with totally healed up, and left almost no scar.    Im very impressed!   Within 24 hours the swelling and pain of the wound had disappeared.......nothing else including antibiotics had worked." S Howell, USA

"I am happily placing yet another order for your wonderful product.  I use it in all kinds of ways, but especially for redness and slight ezxema on my face.  I Love this product.  It is years now since my very first order.  Keep up your fabulous work!" Joan Napola IL

"have used Skin Fix before to help combat Rosacea.  It works wonderfully well and I am happy to be able to order more. "Toby Perini FL

"This is my 3rd or 4th order.  It helps my roceasea."  Lanette Hichew FL

"Your product is the only thing that comes close to keeping my husbands Roceasa in check! " Theresa Cook, UK

"This is the third time I have ordered Skin Fix.  I love it and can\'t go a day without using it.  Thanks for creating a great product. " Karen Clarke, Canada

"I have suffered from Roseca for about 8 years. After I received SkinFix and used it for about 2 days, I noticed a HUGE difference in the color. I am very thankful that I found SkinFix!! Thank YOU!!  Deanna Watson, USA

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 Cold Sores

Banished our Demons
"We were already pretty happy with the original Virasoothe, but decided to try the concentrated formula on a whim. While the original definitely cut down on the number of cold sores we were getting and reduced the severity and duration or the sores, we haven't seen a single cold sore since we started using the concentrate, and it has been several months. We apply it daily, once or twice, and whenever we feel a tingle. I can't say enough good things about this product. Have you ever felt desperation about your cold sores? The paranoia of "how long until the next one" is gone. When you go from getting them for weeks at a time, back to back, to being cold sore free for months, it's like getting your life back and feeling a freedom to be in public that you never thought you would ever see again. Maybe it won't work this way for everyone, but for us, it changed everything. Thank you for this." Anon.

"Hands down, best natural cold sore remedy. Ever. If I can get to it early it will stop the cold sore from even appearing. Even if I the cold sore is already starting to blister the concentrate will keep it in check and it will stop it from getting massive/out of control. Thank you!"   Karen C

“Still the best thing ever for cold sores!  I finally used up my pot - have sent many your way and they too are impressed!” Kelly Mahuika NZ

“Thank goodness I finally found your website again. I carried the product with me everywhere, until the label wore away. Have been suffering Cold Sores without it for almost a year!” Jaime Thompson

“I have recently suffered the worst attack of coldsores I have ever had.  My entire top lip was totally covered and swollen so big I could see it.  I became so desperate to get rid of that "ants crawling all over my lip" feeling, that I spent a lot on various treatments including a local anesthetic.  That worked for about 20mins, but I could only apply it 4 times a day.  I came across your web-site, just looking around for anything that would work.  After reading the testimonials, I decided to order some. Di Mackley, WN, NZ

When I received my pot of ViraSoothe, I thought oh, I should have ordered a lot more as the outbreak was so bad.  I applied the cream, and honestly the relief I felt bought tears to my eyes. I was so sore, and so agitated by this outbreak that I really didn't think anything was going to work.  The amount you need to apply to get that relief astounded me.  Such a tiny amount.  I am truly grateful for this amazing product.  I'm just sorry I doubted it and didn't order earlier.  I have told everyone one I know that suffers coldsores about ViraSoothe, it genuinely does work there is nothing like it anywhere. K Murdoch, AU

“Great stuff, and it lasts so long too. Have found nothing to match it.” K.Pawsey UK

“Your product is bloody fantastic. One small jar lasted me a year, and cleared up every attack in minutes. Now I am buying it for my friends and relatives too!” Richard Mangan UK

“For Cold Sores, This product is the best I have ever used” J Sullivan, NZ

ViraSoothe has proved manyfold better than Zovirax. “ J Poff, NZ

“I have purchased your ViraSoothe product previously and it is fantastic!” Rebekah Green, AK

“This is my 2nd order, last was a few years ago, lasted ages and the best I've tried, many thanks” Mrs Joanne Durrer, UK

“I have been using this product for a number of years. It is the best!”  J Direen, USA

“I didn't think this would work. I found out about it on an online forum, searching desperately for something to help with my coldsores as other pharmacy treatments no longer work. I couldn't believe it was made so close to home.

Imagine my surprise when it has been the most amazing product I have ever used on my coldsore which I have had almost monthly since birth. I don't even mind getting the odd one now because it is gone in two days and the cream is so soothing I don't even feel it.  Thank you so much, it is the next best thing to a cure.” Disa McLean, NZ

“I must say I am impressed with the Virasoothe. I suffer from coldsores when I am stressed and there is usually nothing I can do to prevent them. However this product has given me hope of being coldsore free at my upcoming wedding! I've also managed to convince a couple of work colleagues to buy the product” Kim Southby, Ireland

“Excellent preperation - this is our 3rd visit to your site - this is a product that we highly recommended.  Thank you.” Robert Phillips, UK

“glad i found you, and your incredible product. Your lip balm worked so well that it literally eliminated a 20-year run of herpe/cold sores. i've had a few small outbreaks - the first in many years - so I need some more.” A Russell, Australia

“I've suffered from cold sores for many many years and tried everything to stop them appearing and clear them up, but hothing really works that well until I tried virasoothe. Its fantastic! I've used it over the last 4 months putting a little amount on every morning. It has seriously reduced the attacks. In fact, I've only had one small sore, well I think it was a sore, but it didn't really come out nor scab over. I have to say I was some what sceptical at first but was prepared to give anything a tried to stop them apearing every other week. Thanks so much and I'll be back to purchase when I'm getting low.” Steve Butterworth UK

“I have been using Virasoothe for the past two years and it is AMAZING!!  I haven't had a cold sore since I started using it and I had been getting one every few months.  Thank you so much for this wonderful product.” K Kleinschmidt  Germany

“I have been using Virasoothe for 5 years and I have had only 2 cold sores since that time. The cold sores lasted no more than 3 days and they never fully broke out - no scabs, just little bumps. There have been numerous times I absolutely knew a breakout was coming. I applied the Virasoothe and it completely stopped the inevitable. I used to get cold sores 3 or 4 times every summer. I was so distraught over each outbreak that I dreamed (and prayed) someone would come up with a miracle cure. Being a scientist, I knew it wasn't possible because cold sores are viral based. Well, you proved me wrong. Your range of essential oils for cold sores is a life-saver and I thank you.” D. Smicht, UK

“I have been using your product for a few years now and I have to say it is absolutely brilliant. It has helped my cold sore problem tremendously and has been passed on to my son and grandson, also with the same excellent results.” Stephen Young, UK

“This product is a God-send. Thank you so much.” Richard Mangan, UK

“I don't get the usual tingling associated with the start of a cold sore, it just appears from one hour to the next, or I wake up in the morning with the cold sore already present which is unfortunate for me as I can't treat the cold sore in the early stages.

Well, on Sunday night I had not one but two appear below my lip and I instantly applied Virasoothe.  I had no itching and no pain.  I reaplied Virasoothe on Monday night after work and through that evening.  Today is Tuesday and the cold sores are nearly gone.  The skin hasn't broken and I have no messy scabs to deal with.

I can't thank you enough for making this fantastic product!  Finally there is a product available that actually claims to do everything you say it does.  I am really impressed and will stick with Virasoothe as long as you keep  making it.” Tania Ferraren, Victoria, Australia

“..though I would give your product a try. I have never used another product since. At the first sign of a bump or tingle I put simply essential on the area and the bump goes down and away! I am not only amazed at how this product works I can't begin to understand how it can stop a cold sore in its tracks and make it disappear. It  can put a stop to the herpes virus. I will always use your product! T R Wolfe USA

“Have ordered virasoothe before for my son and the results were amazing.  Now instead of getting coldsores every 10 days or so, he only gets them about once every 6 months.  We can live with that!” T Grant, CH, NZ

“Your product is outstanding and from a person who has tried everything under the sun....yours is the best!!! I could go on and on but with all of your other testimonials..I really dont have to. Thanks for the product and I would love to see this in the major market stores where it could help more people.” 
K Mohrmann, USA

“This is a wonderful remedy, and I am confident and pain-free.” Rosemary Reynolds, England

“I am a believer--I have not had a cold sore in over a year. When I feel one coming on, I use your product and it never appears! A miracle! Thank You!” F Bonter, USA

“Well, I'm a believer! After trying everything for occasional (but really bad) cold sore outbreaks, I stumbled upon your website and purchased ViraSoothe about two years ago.  Since then, I've used it preventitatively nearly every evening and havent had a single cold sore since! It truly is the only medication that has worked for me and I'm so grateful!” Halle Holland USA

“I've been using your product for two years for the treatment of cold sore and I will never use anything else!  It's incredible” D Spritzer, UK

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 Genital Herpes

"Fourth order in just under five years.  Had regular genital blister outbreaks for 15 years prior to that time.  No blisters or pain since, although I realize the herpes is not cured.  (I have frequent shedding modes, but no blisters.)  I use very little of the stuff (I'm an adult man) and still have a couple of months left from my fourth order. Found the website mentioned in an article in a newspaper or a magazine (I think) five years ago."  E Rush, WA, USA

"Thank you for developing such  a good Natural Product. I have recommended it to several patients  with remarkable success in about  90%  of the cases .I also have a bad case of Rosacea in the family, and I will continue ordering your SkinFix products.
Keep up the good work."  J.Gartner MD. FL USA

"Being a genital herpes sufferer for more than 15 years and being told by Dr.'s here in the U.S. that I basically have to 'live with it', I have been very frustrated. I've tried the Zovirax and all the others at a very expensive price with little or no results. I've been told many times that a topical does nothing to alleviate the symptoms. I've heard this from my Dr.'s, in Herpes chat rooms, etc. So sceptically yet hopefully, I ordered ViraSoothe  Not only did it arrive within days of my order (THANK YOU) BUT -- within 24 hours of applying ViraSoothe  LITERALLY ALL of my symptoms were gone!!! Even my lymph nodes were normal!! I am amazed and ordering 5 more of ViraSoothe  and giving some to my fellow sufferers. I really can't believe it. I was ordering out of desperation like a lot of people who are told 'there is no hope' do, and I am AMAZED and SO happy!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART AND SOUL!!! "Claudia Williams USA

"Found this site after an outbreak, my first in many moons, with vaginal surgery scheduled in 17 days! I ordered this wonderful product & all was fine by the big day. It has stopped my outbreaks from occurring since!! I Love It".  CD—Ohio

"I have had very frequent outbreaks ofHSV2 (Genital Herpes) for 11 years... For about 2 years I have been on medical suppression therapy, but still have outbreaks... I have used prescription topical cream, but have found ViraSoothe gave me far more relief, and was MUCH more soothing. I think it is brilliant and I will be re-ordering!" K Bailey---Wellington NZ

"Having suffered from genital herpes since 1988, stress has given me an outbreak this year 3 times a month. As soon as I healed, another would start. I've just had an entire week of no outbreak or a tingle for the first time in 6 months. This is a miracle product. Thanks!" - Name with held by request

"I heard about ViraSoothe through a herpes website-- someone recommended it. I've reordered numerous times. I love your product. It has brought me more peace of mind than you can possibly know. Thank you!!! J Richardson  

"I am happy for you to use use this as a testimonial.  I'm a returning customer after 5 years use of my Simply Essential cream which I've now noticed is called Virasoothe.  Anyway, the healing properties of this cream are second to none and the addition of the peppermint oil works fantastically as a cooling analgesic.  As herpes suffers know, it's a painful condition! I'm also pleased to say that fame has not gone to your heads resulting in a massively ott price hike.   I think it's a bargain. Thank you." D Butcher

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“I have been experiencing a mild case of shingles and used your Virasoothe.  What a relief! I couldn't belive how much better it felt right away. I broke out in another spot and put the salve on it right away and they both went away.  I did not have to take Zovirax . Please recommend this to people who suffer from shingles as it worked for me! Thank you ever so much! “ Sharon Misaki




Acne & Scar Prevention

"Wanted to report about my scar. SkinFix is truly a miracle product. I've been using it since receiving it and it has truly done a remarkable job in healing my scar on my palm. In fact, my orthopaedic surgeon remarked recently that he'd never seen a scar heal so quickly. I also have used it on a few troubled acne spots on my face and it has cleared them up as well.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you." Pat Bennett USA

"I used SkinFix on a new wound that was jagged and horrible! I was dreading the scar I would get from it (on my face) but I used SkinFix every day and there is NOTHING to see now. It healed with no mark at all. I'm not kidding, it started to heal into a huge raised red/purple jagged welt and there is not a trace of injury. I cant believe it looks like nothing happened Thank You for this - long may you prosper"
Josie, Brisbane, Australia

"The scars on her face have all healed except for one very thin line on her lip.  She used SkinFix every day. I am amazed that there is a product that will prevent scarring.   What a Godsend to my daughter who was so afraid of being left with a scarred face.   I just wish you could have seen her after her bike accident.  I never thought she'd look the same again.  Thank you SO much for your incredible products.   You're doing a very good thing.  And please feel free to quote me on this!" If anyone doubts the wonders of these Products they can email me! " Faye Martin  USA

"Skin fix is great!  I have a scar that I got recently and it has helped to clear it up almost completely." Nicki Dewhurst, NSW, Australia

"This is my second time ordering SkinFix, and I just have to say how wonderful it is!  I am so happy with the product, and how it has treated my acne!  My scars have decreased. My skin is no longer red all the time, and I can actually leave the house without wearing make-up!  Thank you!  Keep up the awesome products!  "C DINARO, MN. USA

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 Chicken Pox

"My daughter has so many chicken pox on her that I just about cry every time I see her I can't believe that the spots are beginning to go when yesterday they looked horrendous. I love your ointment, it is so pleasant to put on. The girls call it playing 'dot to dot' when I dab it all over them. It is such a great product compared to the mess and nuisance of calomine lotion. I shall be recommending it to all my friends (whose kids are no doubt incubating chicken pox thanks to playing with my lot this past week!) " Louise Shaw NZ

"My son got Chicken Pox and was a total mess, itchy, scratching and miserable.  By the time my little girl developed it, I had already ordered Virasoothe to help my son (a bit too late, unfortunately, he was over the worst of it) What a difference for my daughter though! No itching, no scratching, no infections and no scars! - I have happily recommended it to many since. Its a terrific product - better still for being natural." Georgia Cassidy, Melbourne

"I am a Kindergarten Teacher and was introduced to Virasoothe by one of our parents.  I have seen how well it works, and have been very happy to recommend it."  Julie Silver, UK

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Assorted Ailments 

"I would like to add a comment that you may not get very often. I ordered last time an extra tub of skin fix for my dad who was very poorly. His lack of mobility meant he suffered from pressure sores. Nothing the doctors prescribed eased the pain until he tried your skin fix. the results were remarkable. The cream helped to reduce the inflammation, but most of all was a very effective anaesthetic. Sadly my wonderful dad is no longer here but if this message can help any one else or their family member, it is certainly worth a try."  M Cleghorn


"My elderly dad had really awful leg ulcers, that did not respond to any treatment the Dr prescribed. He was in such pain with them, it was truly awful. When we started using SkinFix, the healing we had hoped for, for so long happened. They are completely gone! Thank you Lynda for formulating SkinFix - it's magic! " Jill Coughlan  


"I work in a Hospice, and one of our patients was gifted by a family member SkinFix for his bedsores. After we saw how well it worked on him, we now use it as standard practice to prevent, and heal pressure sores."  Shirley Cameron


"Skin fix is great! I have a scar that I got recently and it has helped to clear it up almost completely ." Nikki Dewhurst


"What a fantastic product. This is my third order. Skin Fix has cleared up my daughter's eczema on her foot and she uses it as a topical treatment for facial breakouts."  Laura Vogan


"I found you during a search a couple of years ago. i continue to use vira soothe for cold sore outbreaks, and skin fix for ear canal dryness from hearing aid moulds.  this product corrected a long standing condition with scaliness in ear canal.  I.  love your company.  thanks. " Lorraine


"Skinfix has worked wonders already, the redness and inflammation has gone down, it has not fully disappeared as I think it will take a while for it to heal, but you can see it is well on the well to healing great. Considering they looked they hives and very angry and inflamed they are now just little and slightly red spots on my chest, and no where near as many. I have tried so many creams, pills, potions etc, over the past 6-8 months and spent hundred's and this product is the only one that appears to be healing my chest. So thank you, I am so grateful to of found your product on the Internet. I have already recommended it to many others in my office. " Kindest Regards C Cook


"I have only used SkinFix for about 2 weeks and I am flabbergasted at the results. I have been to 5 MD's and 1 dermatologist over the last 5 years or so over my acne that suddenly developed in the chin and mouth area. I had perfect skin as a young woman and teen. Then as I reached 40 my skin went haywire. The dermatologist deemed it as peri-oral dermatitis, but it never went away. I have been on and off Tetracycline for almost 5 years. I have tried every cream, ointment, and even "jock itch" medicine to relieve the burning and pea sized knots that would occur very frequently and would worsen around my period. Some would have puss like a pimple and some would ooze with a clear liquid when pressed or popped. I was miserable. You can't imagine the money that I have spent trying to find a cure or some type of relief. I love this "SkinFix" cause it did just that, Fixed my Skin. I love its cool, refreshing tingle and I look in the mirror and I am in disbelief." Connie Clabron


"I get cystic type acne from time to time and when the cyst finally breaks the skin I have allot of trouble getting the skin to heal. Its usually a 2-3 week process. I saw immediate results in 24 hours with this was great! I've found that if you put it on draws the infection out quite rapidly." B Howeden


"I am happily placing yet another order for your wonderful SkinFix product. I use it in all kinds of ways, but especially for redness and slight eczema on my face. I Love this product. It is years now since my very first order. Keep up your fabulous work! " J Napola


"This is my 3rd or 4th order. It helps my roceasea and I have a horse I used it on for muck itch and nothing else helped. It healed it up after 2 or 3 days.  Now I am ordering 1 for me and one for my horse.."  THANKS Lannette Heitchew


"I used the skin fix for mild blemishes but have recently been afflicted with eczema all over my hands and leg, skin fix is the only thing that has helped and I am running low. Your products are wonderful and I have been recommending the cold sore cream ever since I first used it!!!!  " Kelly Wolfe

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