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Herbal Remedy Treatment For Cold Sores And Genital Herpes Brings New Hope To Those Who Don't Respond To Traditional Treatment

- New Zealand Woman's Customers Swear
That Her Herbal Remedy Has Solved Their
Cold Sore And Genital Herpes Problems


Simply Essential Herbal Products (http//www.simplyessential.com) has developed a break-through treatment for cold sore sufferers that 89% of their customers have voted the best and most effective product they've ever used.

Based on the testimonials given on the company's web site, Simply Essential's Virasoothe  is a runaway success, even helping those who had given up hope of finding relief from their condition after trying many other products.

Says owner and creator Lynda Gorman, "Although Virasoothe has not been clinically trialed, modern medicine is realizing more and more the value and the legitimacy of herbal medicine. In fact, local MD's refer their patients to me repeatedly in cases where 'traditional' medicine doesn't seem to help. The personal successes of my customers is all the proof they need."

Lynda has worked with herbal medicine for many years, and her successes with Virasoothe is making believers out of many who were originally skeptical of her herbal/alternative medicine treatments.

One such "true believer" is W.S. Eidelman, MD, who says, "My first patient trying the 'Virasoothe' on genital herpes was able to apply it at the first sign of the outbreak. By the end of the day, it had cleared up! Usually, his cases would take several days to reach a peak, then another week to clear up, so he was very happy."

Based in New Zealand, Simply Essential ships their products worldwide. Says Lynda, "The best thing about this business is that I'm not just gaining customers, I'm gaining friends as well. The most rewarding part for me is when I get a letter or email from someone telling me how much this product has improved their life." Full details on Simply Essential can be found at the company's web site at http//www.simplyessential.com

SOURCE: DigitalWork, http://www.digitalwork.com


Our customers say it better than we can:
The following are all unsolicited testimonials

NEW Testimony is added often!

"I will SWEAR by your product for the rest of my life."

"Lynda, words just arent enough to say what I feel in my heart about
how thankful I am to you"

"...It's like a miracle to me after 11 months of sheer hell!

"I cannot even believe how the Simply Essential formula works successfully each and every time"

"THANK YOU - your product is truly a blessing! I am eternally grateful."

"Yahoo!!! Your product is a God send as I have been plagued with these darn things for years."

"I think it is brilliant and I will be re-ordering!"

"I will share until he gets his arrival of this Miracle in a little white container! "

"I kid you not-within 30 min. the swelling, tingle and cyst inside my lip were GONE!!!"

"I would recommend it to anyone !"

"I can't recommend it highly enough"

"I will SWEAR by your product for the rest of my life. Thank you so much for offering hope to those of us with this horrible Herpes friend!"

"This product is amazing, I wouldn't bother with anything else"

"Please recommend this to people who suffer from Shingles"

"I have not had a Cold Sore since I used "Simply Essential" 18 months ago !!"

"I contracted herpes simplex off my then-partner, and after two applications all the signs went away. That was last year. I haven't felt a thing since then, and cannot speak highly enough of your product."

"My first patient trying the 'Simply Essential' on genital herpes was able to apply it at the first sign of the outbreak. By the end of the day, it had cleared up!"

"...your product, without a doubt, is far superior to anything else."

"...after 3 days I was completely healed, there was no trace of them!! I will never use another product."

"I have never had another Cold Sore after using Simply Essential a year ago!"

"Will order more when I get low, and of course will pass your product information along to other needy souls."

"If I get another outbreak I know I do not need to worry about it if I use "Simply Essential"

"So good it was stolen from me at work when I let someone with Cold Sores try it"

These testimonials are just the tip of the iceburg.  For more testimonials click here

 Recent Testimonial 

I purchased the product for severe recurrent genital herpes. That was about 6 months ago and believe me it has cured the problem. Only an occasional burning which goes away after a modest application. This is a miracle cure no doubt! Please contact me anyone has questions!
Dennis, Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick Canada -

Dear friend;

If you have been suffering with cold sores or herpes and have tried all the products and treatments out there without much success, I have some encouraging news for you:

I'm sure you are aware that the medical community is discovering more and more that there are natural solutions (herbs, supplements, etc.) that work as good or better than traditional prescribed drugs. . .

Hi, my name is Lynda Gorman, and I have been working with herbal medicine for over 10 years. Out of sheer desperation for a solution to my own recurrent (and drug resistant) Cold Sores, I began testing combinations of Herbal extracts and Essential Oils, which are known to be powerful healers.

After a lot of trial and error I began getting encouraging results, and once I found a formula which successfully eliminated my condition (Herpes Simplex 1), my friends, family and clients asked to try the blend as well.

The Good News: It worked Just As Well For Them.

Herpes outbreaks stopped immediately upon application of Virasoothe. This natural blend soothed, took the pain away, stopped both the throbbing and itch, and the Cold Sore did not develop any further.

Many of these people, like myself, had for years used Lysine, Zovirax and other Pharmaceutical products to treat or prevent outbreaks. Some of these products helped, but none worked as well as Virasoothe. Many users of Simply Essential reported the same result when contacted 4 years after they had first used the product. Not only had they found immense relief from the pain of Cold Sores, they had not had another outbreak since. They all spoke with gratitude and excitement of the freedom and quality of life they experienced without Cold Sores.

From that point Virasoothe expanded almost of its own accord to meet demand. It was never advertised, yet there was a constant stream of orders arriving. People talked about this product, the results they had experienced, and their relief at living a life without Cold Sores - and Simply Essential continued to grow without ever advertising.

Since being available on the Internet at the beginning of 1998, sales have soared. Virasoothe has been shipped to thousands of people in many different countries, yet I still get the greatest pleasure from the regular "Thank You" emails, and unsolicited Testimonials I receive from happy customers.  

If you are like I was, you are probably depressed having to deal with your painful, persistent problem and find it hard to believe that there is anything out there that can really help. 

Listen:  You don't have to go through life with the embarrassment, the irritation, and the pain of cold sores or herpes anymore!  I and thousands of the people who have been helped by this remarkable all-natural cream are living proof that it really works.

Have you looked at the testimonials and the posts people are making to our guestbook yet? - Virasoothe has changed people's lives.  - And it can probably help you too.

It seems almost unbelievable to read the testimonials, doesn't it? -But every single one of them is by a real person giving their real, heartfelt thanks for what Simply Essential has done for them.)

In a recent survey of our customers, 94% of them said that Simply Essential was the absolute best product they had ever tried for their cold sores and herpes. - Which means, most likely, it will be the best thing that you've ever tried.

I Want You To Try It
Completely At My Risk

Send for Virasoothe and see how it works for you. (After all, that's the only thing that really matters!)  If you are like most of the people who have tried it, you will be very happy with your results.

12-Month, "Complete Satisfaction" Guarantee

I know you may be skeptical about what I'm telling you about Virasoothe and what it can do for you. After all, you don't know me, and it seems like we've been trained not to believe ANYTHING anymore! (Sad, but true.) I guess it's because we've been disappointed with so many things in the past that we've gotten disillusioned. 

I wish you lived right around the corner from me so I could just hand you some and let you try it, but that's not the case, so I want to do the next best thing:

Let me send you Virasoothe so you can try it out for yourself and find out if it works for you.  The odds are (89% odds, according to a recent survey of our customers) it'll be the best product you've ever tried for your cold sores or herpes.

But if it doesn't help your problem for some reason, or if you're not 100% happy with it in every way, just return the unused portion any time within a year and not only will I refund every cent you paid for it, but I will refund the original standard Airmail shipping charge and I'll pay you back what it cost you to return it to me. 

Does That Seem Fair?

So in a nutshell, Virasoothe must help your cold sores or herpes, or it won't cost you anything because I'll refund the full purchase price, including the original Airmail shipping cost.


Why am I doing this? -Because I Want You To Feel
Completely Safe In Every Way To Try It For Yourself

Besides, I'm not worried. . . Out of the thousands and thousands of people who have ordered it so far over the past several years, I've gotten. . . (are you ready for this?) - a whopping 2 returns.

I don't think most of my customers would let me buy back their Virasoothe for 10 times what they paid - because it's the only product they've found that really works for them, and if they sent it back they wouldn't have it to use anymore.

If you're tired of living with the pain and irritation of cold sores or herpes, please try Virasoothe now. I'd love to be able to add your testimonial to my list!

Click Here To Order Simply Essential Right Now To Get Natural, Soothing Effective Relief For Your Cold Sores And Genital Herpes.


Yours for better health and happiness,

         Lynda Gorman

P.S. -If you are concerned about your privacy, don't worry: all orders are sent discreetly in a plain package, simply labeled "Skin Cream".

P.P.S. -Don't forget, with my 12-month guarantee you don't risk anything to try it for yourself, and I'll even refund the cost for you to send it back to me along with refunding your full product purchase price.

P.P.S. -Even if you are not having an outbreak right this minute but have had recurring problems in the past, order it now so you'll have it on-hand for your next outbreak. Remember, you can return it any time for a refund if it doesn't seem to help you. (In fact, even if you return it after a year I'll still refund your money - I refuse to have an unhappy customer!)

. . . Oh, and one more thing I almost forgot to mention: Local MD's refer patients to me repeatedly for all of my products (Virasoothe,  SkinFix & PainPal) -This is quite unusual given that the products haven't been through clinical trials, etc. - but the referrals keep coming! I guess when people really get results with a product themselves, that's all the "clinical trial" they need.

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