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Celebrating 20 years

Link to the very first website Simply Essential had.  - It makes me cringe now. 

Later come this one which I had for many years. 

And going right back, here's an old Guestbook with all of it's comments 


This year, 2017 marks the 20th Anniversary of Simply Essential's online trading.  What an amazing journey it has been. I'm proud to say that I was full time on the internet before Google even existed.  The search engines to be ranked on back in 97 were Hot Bot, Alta Vista and Yahoo.

Here in New Zealand, it was almost impossible to get any help back then. I couldn't find anyone, so ended up with a USA Company who assisted for a while.  When I approached our Chamber of Commerce for help, they had no one who could help, or mentor me, but they did ask me if I would be a mentor for others.   I have since been told many times since that I was an internet pioneer.  That always feels odd to me, I was just very determined to make a living online. - and I am still here:)

The first order I received was via Fax.  When the email arrived, advising of the order, it was so exciting.  The problem was, I was broke, didn't have a fax, so had used the number of my friend's who lived a couple of blocks away.  It was pouring with rain, - I walked home with this fax in my hand literally trembling.  It's real! Someone bought my product.  I still remember how it felt.

This link will take you to the press release that really launched the business it rapidly grew to a 6 figure turnover. For a single parent with nothing other than determination and belief was - it was like a dream.  When this page went live, no-one else had that long, compelling sales script.  It worked, and has been replicated by thousands of others since. 

Over the years I have been scammed, had IP stolen, dealt with crooked 'web masters' bank systems that went defunct and cost thousands in lost revenue.  An overseas payment system that 'held back' a % of revenue, in the event of charge backs.  I was selling a $50 product, and as I was experience huge growth, they ended up holding  14,000 GBP which they wouldn't return to me.  I had to come up with a very cunning plan to gradually get back what was mine. (I am not easily defeated!)

So, 20 years later when you make a purchase from Simply Essential, you are still dealing personally with me, Lynda Gorman.  I still answer your emails and I still care just as much about my customers, and my reputation.  The only thing I no longer do is the marketing.  I have passed over the bulk of it to a company I trust completely and am happy to  recommend.  Leadco Solutions in Australia do a fantastic job running my various campaigns.

I couldn't say how many thousands of units have been sold over the years - but I have shipped to every corner of the world, and I am very proud to say that I have customers who have been buying my products since day 1.  Word of mouth is still the strongest marketing asset I have. The names of many of my customers I remember, and some have ordered on such a regular basis, I know intuitively when they are due to re-order.

From the original product I started with (Virasoothe, which was originally called 'Simply Essential') I now have 4 exclusive products, all developed by me, and only available from this website.  My next product is very exciting - testing has begun on a new product for  Psoriasis and initial results are very, very exciting.    Watch this space.....

So to each and every person who has afforded me the opportunity to assist with your health problems, I thank you, and I am grateful for the trust you place in me, and my company.

Yours in good health