Healthy Living The Undisciplined Way

Healthy Living The undisciplined Way

Whilst products such as VirasootheVirasoothe Concentrate are fantastic for the treatment of cold sores, they should not be used in conjunction with a healthier lifestyle. This will help prevent the severity and frequency of outbreaks. In this article, we look at how to live a healthier lifestyle the easy way!

It's hard to believe we're already nearly half way through the year (at the time of writing). Are your new years resolutions still intact, or are you like the masses and have fallen into old habits? If you're in the latter category don't fret, as it is very common when we set goals to set them in such a way that they can seem insurmountable. Our subconscious will often reject the goals as we don't truly believe we can achieve them. 

Living in a healthy way is no different. If we set ourselves the task of not drinking, smoking, eating chocolate, or any of the other common ones we apply to ourselves then we will almost always fall into old habits. Don't beat yourself up regarding this as the solution may be easier than you think. What if, instead of going cold-turkey, we simply set the goal to cut down? What if, instead of depriving ourselves completely of the things that taste great, but we know are not good for us, we simply just take a view of reducing the size of the unhealthy meals we have? Or how about just attempting not to have, or do the unhealthy stuff so often? Wouldn't this be a heck of a lot easier than simply cutting off our favorite vices?

When we continually put undue pressure on ourselves to do the tough-stuff. i.e the tasks that our subconscious finds hard, or impossible, we will find ways of sabotaging ourselves, and as such our results. Perhaps those of us out there that are naturally lazy (*cough cough*....self included) might find some relief in knowing that we are not trying to do something too strenuous or hard when we set a particular goal. I know in my own life I have always achieved more through A) complete necessity, and B) knowing my own limitations when it comes to what I can and can't achieve. Sure, I could be doing a whole lot more, but in order for me to achieve anything relating to my health, wealth, or sanity, I need to ensure that my pesky subconscious isn't going to try ruin it for me. 

You will also find that you may even become happier, as you can actually see the results due to lowering your expectations of yourself. Being a healthy human being isn't about eight hours of exercise a day, and only eating straw, or the next fad diet. It is about doing everything in moderation. As cliche as it sounds, this advice may even help you achieve more with your health. If you can ease your way into something, eventually that 'thing' will become a habit. Once it becomes a habit, it takes a very concentrated effort to break it. Just like getting out of your bad habits now! 

I hope this helps! Remember next time you are wishing to achieve a health goal, or any other goal for that matter, make sure you are breaking it down into bite-sized chunks along the way. 

I will leave you with two sayings I read a while back: If you take an axe and swing it at a tree, with one chop per day. No matter how big the tree is, eventually it will fall. 

You can't eat a whale in one sitting (not that you would want to try of course).

The point being is that if you want something, make sure you break it into pieces you believe you can reach. That is how success is done. Here's to healthy living.