The Importance of Rest To Reduce Breakouts

Resting up - one of the best ways to prevent cold sores

The importance of rest – ensuring you can function at full pace

Never underestimate the importance of giving yourself time to rest and relax. We’re not machines (yet), and our bodies were not designed to continually be on the go for days, weeks or months on end. Be conscious of where you are, be conscious of what your thoughts are surrounding rest, and winding down. As the saying goes, “don’t burn the candle at both ends.”

This indeed is a very logical suggestion if you are tired, simply to get more rest! We all can relate to the tight deadlines, kids screaming, and constant struggle to keep your house clean and under control. Let alone the thought of work on top of that. So how do we find time for ourselves to recharge? To rest and relax? To find time for ourselves to do whatever we may choose? To live healthier and prevent cold sore breakouts?

The first step in all of this is to establish whether anything you currently do can be either outsourced, reduced, or discarded altogether. As famed Author Tim Ferris suggests, life minimisation is a key strategy to finding more time. At your place of work, be conscious of your habits. Do you turn your emails on immediately when you get in the office, and feel overwhelmed by the sheer enormity of the tasks ahead of you for the day? What if you didn’t open your email account straight away? Would the world fall down, or would you be able to squeeze a few minutes in to focus on the deadline you need to keep?

Another idea for this part of your day is to minimise, reduce, or completely discard any distractions you may have. If you solely focus on one task, even just one task without any distractions at all, do you think you may be able to accomplish a little more than you’re used to?

As for your home life, how organised are you really? Using the same question from earlier, is there anything in your life that you could trim down, outsource, or discard altogether that may help free ume time. When I say time, I mean more time to sleep if you choose, more time to relax, or even just more time not to be doing the things you don’t enjoy!

With regards to outsourcing, perhaps you have a husband/wife/partner/spouse that may be able to assist in this regard. If not, what about a babysitter? How about delegating some of your work at the office to a junior? I understand that it’s not all black and white, and I completely get that it is a lot easier writing this stuff, than actually putting it into practise. My purpose for writing this is to make you aware of the fact that despite the fact you may feel desperately in need, perhaps there is a slightly more efficient way of doing things. It is simply just to make you more conscious of where you are, and conscious of how you may be able to make subtle changes in your life to ease your own burden.

Living a healthier lifestyle can have a dramatic effect on our cold sore and herpes breakouts. More importantly it can aid in reducing the frequency of our cold sore breakouts, but also reduce the severity of them as well. 

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