Trusted since 1996  - Celebrating 25 Years online!

 This is Lynda Gorman, owner and founder of Simply Essential and formulator of all the natural remedies for cold sores and skin problems available on this website. Simply Essential is a small business, I'm still at the helm as I enter my 25t year of online retailing.

Simply Essential was one of the very first New Zealand sites to be selling on the Internet, back in late 1996 when the internet was truly in its infancy.  I believe I was in the first 10 to be selling online.  Nothing was automated, including credit card transactions - they were processed manually with a trip to the bank to deposit.

Simply Essential was selling essential oils for cold sores to five continents, and earning six figures, two years before Google came into existence. I did not appreciate at the time what an achievement this was.

Simply Essential has sold products to hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world.   Most of my customers have been referred by word of mouth - that's how it started, and that's how it still works.  These products are outstanding, and people talk about them.  They are happy to recommend them.  When you have tried them, I hope you will too!

When you buy from Simply Essential, you are dealing with me, the owner, directly.  I formulated all of these products, (Virasoothe and Skinfix, and now Pain Pal), I  started this business and I will  continue to provide my products  and stand behind them, as I have done for the past 2 + decades

I am proud of what I have achieved, and the solid reputation I have gained.  I go to great lengths to keep my customers happy. If you have a concern about something, contact me and give me the opportunity to sort it out. This is a small business, Customer Service is very important to me, and you will get a response.  Please, tell me before you tell others and let me put it to rights if there is a problem.

Rest assured,  with an online  history this long, these products are genuine.  They have been proven, not by scientific testing, but by uncountable thousands, possible millions of customers, who have found relief from their pain, cold sores, herpes and skin problems.  Read the testimonials. You are dealing with a reputable company, and purchasing products that work.  I stand behind them 100%


Thank you for shopping at Simply Essential - The only place in the world you can get these products

 Yours in Better Health!